sorry for the lack of updates recently, been really busy with work.

this week was not a very good week for me, i was sick on monday, so i had to skip work and stay home, missing out on one day of income:(

then, on thursday and friday, work was so overwhelmingly busy and crazy and i had to deal with really troublesome and rude clients.

seriously, i don’t care how rich or famous you are, but if you lack even the most basic manners for a fellow human being, i don’t respect you at all. 

so what if you are loaded? that doesn’t give you a free pass to be rude and unreasonable. gosh, i was so turn off. i can’t really go into details here, but i’m sure anyone in the customer service line can relate to what i’m saying. 

most of my temporary or part times jobs are all service related, which kinda sucks. although it gives me good experience and the harsh realities of the working world, the pay ain’t worth it. however, it does train my endurance and tolerance levels to maximum.

i was a waitress, flyer distributor, receptionist, call operator and promoter before. and i have to say, the words “thank you” really does make a person’s day. it doesn’t take much effort to show your appreciation, be it to your server at the restaurant or the call operator who assisted you. i speak from experience, and sometimes when you have dealt with so much sh*t earlier, and one customer takes the effort to thank you and show his appreciation, it can lift your mood in an instant.

so thanks to my previous part time job as a waitress, whenever i dine at a cafe or a restaurant, i make sure i thank the server and smile at him, and be a fuss free customer. 

as what ellen always says, be kind to one another

when you are yo…

when you are young, you have all the time and energy, but no money.
when you are working, you have all the energy and money, but no time.
when you are old, you have all the time and money, but no energy.

i find this saying especially true. you can’t have everything at once. 

when we’re young, we fantasize and dream about travelling the world and participating in crazy adventures, but our constraint is money. i feel that time and energy are worth more than money, because you need both to earn money. time and energy can’t be earned. it’s something we can’t buy, as well as health.

after my mum passed, i realized that health is the greatest gift of all. you can have as much money and time in the world to do whatever you want, but you can’t do it if you’re sick and frail. you might be extremely wealthy, but without good health, what use is money? you can’t enjoy spending it, and the only useful thing you can buy is medical treatment.

i hope that i myself do not get caught up in the pursuit of material wealth, and i strive to treasure my youth and cherish my time, because these can’t be bought back once they’re gone.

on a sidenote, i apologise for the lack of updates. last week was a crazy week, with my cousins wedding and working as well. i’ll try to update more regularly.

Licensed to drive

I finally passed my driving test!!!!!!!!

I’m so relieved, financially and emotionally. this was my second attempt, my first was quite wasted. I got a immediate failure because i took more than 3 minutes for my vertical parking, due to panicking and blanking out.

I was determined to pass this time, I made sure i checked all my blind spots, and look at my mirrors. this can save you a lot of unnecessary points!

so, to anyone getting ready to take your driver’s test, relax, don’t panic and just pretend it is one of your practice rounds. Panicking cause you to forget really basic and common stuff, and cause more stress! i know it’s harder said than done, but just breathe deeply and clear your mind. having a positive mindset helps!

This is a great start to my week, and I’m starting work tomorrow. so this is a great boost to my happiness!!

Hope everyone will have a great week too! 

Be thankful

All of us have had sh*tty things happening at some point in life. The only difference is how we deal with them and with what attitude.

i myself am a very unlucky person, I guarantee you will laugh and feel sorry for me at all the horrible things that has happened over my short existence.

i have tripped countless times, been embarrassed in front of large crowds, been maligned and misunderstood, dealt with health problems, had to cope with the passing of my mum, deal with unreasonable people on a daily basis and the list continues.

whenever I hear my friends complaining about really trivial matters, it kinda pisses me off because they don’t appreciate what they do have, and instead focus on what they lack. why not focus on what you have?

 minor incidents are not even worth getting angry over. If I were to behave like them, I would be angry every minute of every day.

There is always a positive and negative side to everything. It depends on your perspective. You can choose to get angry and pity yourself. Or you can see it as a opportunity to improve as a person.

of course, i’m not perfect. i do flare up sometimes as well, but most of the time i try not to, and i put in effort into being grateful for everything i have.

for example, if i’m walking my dog, i take time to appreciate the trees along the path, i’m happy i get some shade from the sun. i look at the sky and am thankful for good weather. i look at my legs, and although they are not model worthy, at least i can bring my dog for a walk and enjoy running after her. there’s so many more things i can list but you get the idea. you can be thankful for practically everything around you, even some unpleasant things.

so, try changing your mindset. mind over matter.

a thankful heart is a happy heart.

Nice people exist

This post is dedicated to one of my loveliest reader and follower, mcgrace58.

i never imagined that me as a amateur blogger, would even have any readers or followers to speak of, and she has faithfully read all my posts, often liking them and leaving really sweet comments. it makes me motivated to keep adding posts for everyone to continue reading!

so, just to give her a shoutout, and to show my appreciation for her support, this post is for her.

please do visit her blog, it is very interesting and filled with positivity and optimism, which nobody can get enough of.

and also to my other readers and subscribers, thank you for your support as well, i really do appreciate it:)

Cameron Diaz

If only i could age as elegantly as Cameron Diaz. she’s 41 and she is in better shape than me!! she’s almost twice my age, really puts me to shame sometimes. i need to work on my fitness and eating better.


she has the best legs, long and lean.


very few people can pull off white jeans, i know i can’t.







those stems, serious envy.


love .that. dress


love this too


and this. that does it, i’m going for a long run later.


i love online shopping

firstly, because it can be done anywhere anytime, and second it delivers right to your doorstep. thirdly, some items are significantly cheaper than buying from the store.

the only downside is i can’t try or touch what i’m buying to judge its quality and material. and pictures can be deceiving. Although out of the countless times I’ve bought something online, I’ve only been disappointed like 10% of the time, so it kinda evens out.

i decided to share with you guys, mostly girls, my favourite blogshop. it’s a local Singapore based shop, and they sell gorgeous dresses.

i’m not really sure if they ship international though.

disclaimer: this is not a paid advertorial, i’m just sharing based on my experience.

i think I’ve bought at least 10 dresses from them and have never been disappointed with quality. the only thing that has disappointed me is when i can’t fit into it because some dresses have smaller cutting and fit from the majority.


this is my most recent purchase. it looked awesome and the best part is it is very appropriate for church! so modest and conservative.


i also bought this dress a while back. loved the colour and the sash!


i wanted to buy this as well, but it was already sold out. shows how good their business is!


this was on my wish list too, but my bank account is dwindling faster than i can replenish it so, i have to control myself:(


i bought this too. as you can tell, my dresses are pretty basic and simple and single coloured. except for the floral print one


this is really pretty too, but if i wear it i look like i’m going to work, have to stop dressing so mature.

so, if you love the pics i shared here, i think you would love their other dresses. the only thing i wish they would do is make their dresses longer. most are mid thigh and above, and i need knee length dresses.

Joeys birthday


Today is joey’s 4th birthday!!!!

Cant believe it’s been almost 4 years since I had her. She makes my day so much better when I come home and little patter of feet running to the door greets me and is always happy to see me. Which human does that right.

i miss the days when she was a little puppy, where we would take naps together, with her lying on my chest and breathing onto my neck. When she will get nightmares and yelp in her sleep, with her legs kicking out unexpectedly. Gosh, I wish she would still do that.

I don’t know where to get a dog friendly cake so I guess I’ll just buy her some toys and a snack. I also made sure I brought her for a extra long walk today and am gonna bring her for another one in the evening. Really practical gifts for a dog. I’m sure she appreciates it more than a cake.

Lesson learnt

Decided to share this very funny but unfortunate situation that just happened to me.

i was trying on my cousins dress for church tomorrow, and she’s a lot thinner than me. However, the dress was stretchable and I figured I could just about fit into it.  The dress has no zipper whatsoever, and had a non stretchable waist band. However, being the stubborn fool I was, I thought it wouldn’t pose any problem.

boy was I wrong. It didn’t take much effort to squeeze into it. In fact, it fitted me quite nicely. I was quite pleased with how it looked on me except for that waist band part. It was a little snug. So I figured I’ll try on some others to have a few options.

thats when my nightmare began.

as I started to lift it over my head to take it off, it wouldn’t  go past my boobs due to the waist band. Not because my boobs were huge, but because I had quite broad shoulders. The more I tugged and pulled, it just stayed at that same position. I was frustrated and panicking and wondering how on earth I managed to squeeze into it and not be able to  squeeze out of it??

So I tried taking it off the other direction, pulling it down towards my legs. And the same thing happened. Cos of my hips and butt. Yea, the one time I wished my butt wasn’t so big and in the way. It wouldn’t go past my hip bone. #hourglassfigureproblems

 I was in serious panic mode. How was I going to take off the dress??? It can’t go either way!! I even contemplated cutting myself out as a last resort but this dress don’t even belong to me!! I had no right to destroy it.

so, I struggled for another few more agonizing minutes. The more I tugged, the more hot and sweaty I felt, which made me even more frustrated. I even removed my bra to reduce the circumference of my chest, which did little to help. And all the tugging and pulling was making those scary sounds like threads were unraveling and falling apart. What have I done???

At last, I took a deep breath, thought positively and tried again, over my shoulders. This time, I was able to get it past my boobs and inch by inch as I pulled, it started to come off. Oh thank goodness.

The minute I got it off me, I swore I will never underestimate my size again. However, it does give me a wake up call that I do need to lose some weight. I’ve been eating really badly these past few days thanks to exam stress and now this incident has made me more conscious of my eating and exercise. So, to see it in a positive way, it is spurring me on to watch what I eat more and lay off the junk food.


Stupid dress. With a stupid inelastic waist and no zipper.although it looked really nice…. What a pity.

Qualities I look for in a boyfriend

I’ve never been in a serious relationship. A lot of people can’t believe it because I’m already 21, and so many people have had at least 2-3 boyfriends by then. We’ll, I’m a late bloomer ok, and I take relationships very seriously. I’m not gonna date just because everyone is doing it.

Plus, I’ll only date a guy who has the qualities I desire. Of course I’m not perfect myself,  and I don’t expect him to be. But these are the qualities he must have.

1) he has to be forgiving. In trivial stuff, he cannot hold grudges because I would say I’m quite forgiving myself. I can’t imagine if he is angry over something really stupid.

2)he has to be generous. Not overly generous, because then he’ll be taken advantage of, but not miserly and stingy.

3) he has to be be spontaneous and easy going. If he’s open to crazy unplanned ideas, that would be awesome!  Provided the idea is not dangerous and irresponsible

4) he has to be a animal lover, especially towards dogs, cos I have one. And there’s nothing cuter than a guy with a dog!

5) he has to be gentlemanly, holding doors, walking me home, all this are very much appreciated gestures

6) he has to be mindful of his health, working out and eating healthy are good habits and signs that he takes care of himself and his appearance

These are my must have traits. The rest like, being a good dresser, makes me laugh, being a good cook, being much taller than me are additional bonuses.  Ok maybe making me laugh would be a must as well.

Do I sound very demanding?maybe that’s why I’m still single. I’ll just live with Joey and maybe get a cat as well.